Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My credits really bad, like really really bad, can I still buy a car?
A: Yes! All we deal with is bad credit.

Q: Are you sure, I have multiple repos.
A: Yes, we’re sure!

Q: I have a new job, do I qualify?
A: Yes, as long as you’ve got your first paystub you qualify!

Q: What do I need to buy a car?
A: Identification (ID card, license, out of state ID), Proof of income (paystub, SSI, bank statements, Paypal etc), Proof of residence (bill in your name, junk mail, anything going to the address you live at). That’s it!

Q: Can I really get a car with $399 down?
A: Yes, over 50% of our customers buy with that much down.

Q: Ah ha! So sometimes you need more!?
A: It’s all based on budget, if you only qualify for a $250 payment but want a more expensive car, you may need some more down to qualify for it.

Q: What kind of cars do you have?
A: All kinds: Malibus, Impalas, Escalades, Altimas, Chargers, CRV’s, Jaguars, Audi’s, Hummers, Sentras, you name it! We have over 100 cars, trucks, vans etc. Go online and check us out at queenmotorcars.com.

Q: Some of the other places I’ve been to have garbage cars.. what do you have?
A: We have normal cars- no salvage, title issues, or insane miles.

Q: What years are the cars you sell?
A: We have a range of about 10 years, from around 2008 to 2022’s!

Q: How do you guys get me approved when everyone else is turning me down?
A: We have a unique relationship with private lending institutions that sell clumps of car loans to investors. This arrangement means they have much more leeway on who they loan to and the terms of those loans.

Q: What are your payments?
A: The payments are from 15-20% of your income. So if you make $2000 a month, you are looking at a $300 payment.

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