She wrote the book about buying a car for consumers.

Why Buying a car sucks, and what you can do about it

It’s rare that someone will show consumers how to get a great deal. It’s even more rare when that someone still owns a business that makes money selling to those consumers. But, that is exactly what our own “Queen of Cars” did.

Tina watched, year after year, as consumers were confused, afraid and deceived. Enough was enough and she finally started her own real estate brokerage, and eventually, car dealership.

She had her own values that she would enforce, and it paid off. Her car dealership stood out in a crowded marketplace and grew to become the most successful independent dealer in Las Vegas. Most people knew, if you needed a car with bad credit in Vegas, you went to see Tina.

It was still hard, you would have these poor people come in with horror stories about other dealers. I thought that maybe it was time to share some information and try and help people get a fair deal. -Tina, Owner of Queen MotorCars.


Tina shared this information on her blog and in her book. But not everyone was happy about information about getting a great deal on a used car, especially the Nevada dealers.

I was frankly unprepared for how upset it would make the other dealerships. I thought transparency was good for everyone, but I guess they didn’t agree. -Tina, Owner of QueenMotorcars

Tina decided to stay on this new path. She would help consumers in Las Vegas, and elsewhere, get the best deals on their car deals. Expensive cars, cheap cars, purchases, leases… it didn’t matter. She was out to inform the public.


Tina and Queen MotorCars is still going strong. While some other dealers will try and mislead and deceive their customers, Queen MotorCars stays true to Tina’s original vision.

So, if you live in Las Vegas and have credit issues, do yourself a favor, and click below. Tina, and her team at Queen MotorCars, would love to help you get the vehicle of your dreams!

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