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buy here pay here las vegas

You’ve heard the term as either buy here pay here, bhph, in house financing etc. In Las Vegas Buy Here Pay Here signs are everywhere. But what is the real difference between in house financing and traditional loans? Which one is best for you?


You may have heard of bhph or seen it on signs around Las Vegas, but what is it? Basically, in house financing is when the seller of the product (the car dealer in this case), does the financing themselves. No bank is involved but sometimes a 3rd party can be used to manage the loan.

This means the dealer can make the final say on who can finance without the input of the bank.


Traditional financing is what 99% of people [...]

fake paystubs

There is a trend in lending that is increasing at a rapid pace, fake paystubs and documents. These are everything from paystubs, to bank statements, utility bills and lately, social security award letters.

It started out as something lenders, and dealers, would see occasionally. But as time went on, more and more people have started to use these to get loans on things, mainly cars.


People use fake documents for a variety of reasons. The most simple is that they cannot prove their income or residence traditionally, so they turn to manufacturing documents. The most insidious is people trying to steal a car and keep it or even get it to another country.


Where there is a demand, the market will create [...]

The trick to saving money on your high interest rate car loan

The trick to saving money on your high interest rate car loan is not hard.  It involves some effort and a bit of planing but everyone can do it.

Most people with bad credit assume that high interest is the price of doing business, and for most, it is.  But, there is a little used method to reducing the interest rate on your car loan.  This will reduce the interest you pay dramatically.  The best part is that it takes very little effort on your part.

So what’s the trick?

In the mortgage industry, there is a well known savings strategy to pay your monthly payment every two weeks instead of once a month.  This adds a full payment to your house payment every year.  [...]

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