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inspect a used carBeing thorough when you inspect a used car is critical. INSPECTIONS ARE KEY

Inspect a used car well before buying it. A quality inspection can make buying a used a great financial choice, skipping this car can be a daunting experience. Unlike a new car, every used car is different. Different owners, different driving styles, different locations… no two used cars are the same.

As a used car dealership, we have to inspect thousands of cars every year. Sometimes we only get minutes to look at a car before it runs through the auction. This has led to many tips and tricks we use to minimize mistakes.

You HAVE to inspect any used car you buy. You want to buy someone else’s cherished car, not their mistake. – Tina, owner – Queen MotorCars

used cars in las vegasIt’s hard to know which car can stand up to the Vegas heat. WHY IS LAS VEGAS DIFFERENT THAN ANYWHERE ELSE?

Finding reliable used cars in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as other parts of the country. Our cars have a hard life, especially out here. The heat, traffic, dust, and brutal sun age and wear out cars faster than in other states.

If you look at any cars owners manual there is a recommendation for oil changes. Some cars have recommendations to change the oil every 10,000 miles now! There is usually a small (*) next to that though. The asterisk says “3,000 miles with extreme duty.” Living in Las Vegas means your car qualifies as “extreme duty”.

Even the manufacturers know this part of the country is…. different. Most manufacturers actually [...]

buy here pay here las vegas

You’ve heard the term as either buy here pay here, bhph, in house financing etc. In Las Vegas Buy Here Pay Here signs are everywhere. But what is the real difference between in house financing and traditional loans? Which one is best for you?


You may have heard of bhph or seen it on signs around Las Vegas, but what is it? Basically, in house financing is when the seller of the product (the car dealer in this case), does the financing themselves. No bank is involved but sometimes a 3rd party can be used to manage the loan.

This means the dealer can make the final say on who can finance without the input of the bank.


Traditional financing is what 99% of people [...]

fake paystubs

There is a trend in lending that is increasing at a rapid pace, fake paystubs and documents. These are everything from paystubs, to bank statements, utility bills and lately, social security award letters.

It started out as something lenders, and dealers, would see occasionally. But as time went on, more and more people have started to use these to get loans on things, mainly cars.


People use fake documents for a variety of reasons. The most simple is that they cannot prove their income or residence traditionally, so they turn to manufacturing documents. The most insidious is people trying to steal a car and keep it or even get it to another country.


Where there is a demand, the market will create [...]

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